Back to School

Back to School!

After the freedom of summer, it is time again to be educated. I remember many things about that time in my youth. The excitement of new classes, teacher and friends. And the hope, that no matter how well or poorly I performed in the past, it was a fresh start. Also, a strong memory, that no matter what I learned in the previous year, I now was back at the starting line. Along with new classes, came also new challenges.

This is in many ways similar to our Christian walk. No matter how much we learn about the Lord and His Kingdom every day we wake up to more we can learn. Happily, I’m quick to swap any of my poor performances for a chance at a fresh start.
Maybe more importantly we can build upon those previously learned experiences in order to increase in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every day is a new, fresh experience with a God not of the past but of the present and future.


Pastor Chuck


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